Photoshop plugins

Welcome to my Photoshop plugin repository! Here you can find some of the software that I sell, as well as some free utilities.

Free software is available as-is. If you want support, you can try to send me an email but there's a limit to how much support I can give without charge. If you buy a plugin from me, e.g., ProAlbum-Designer or Juxtapost, you can always contact me if you have a problem.

I can be hired for writing Photoshop plugins.

Note: This website is under construction, currently only ProAlbum-Designer and Juxtapost links are working.

Juxtapost ($60, €50, 400 SEK) ProAlbum-Designer ($125, €95, 799 SEK)
for building web/blog collages for Folio albums, and WAS.