Canvas tool

Occasionally you find yourself not having enough space around the edges of a print to wrap it around a canvas frame, for instance when someone's hand is too close to the edge. Canvas is a script for extending a print for mounting around a frame. Usually, the thickness of the frame determines how much the canvas needs to be extended: these parameters are dx and dy respectively (and they are usually the same).

Download and installing

To download Canvas, simply click on the download button.

Important: make sure that the downloaded file is called "install-canvas.jsx". If your browser adds another extension, you must change it to ".jsx" again.

To install Canvas, double-click on install-canvas.jsx. This should launch Photoshop and ask if you want to install an action for Canvas. This will install an action in your action panel called "Canvas". (If you don't see the Action panel, you will find it under Window > Actions.)

If double-clicking doesn't work, you can also install Canvas by doing File > Scripts > Browse... and choosing install-canvas.jsx.

Using Canvas

Open a document and run the "Canvas" action. It will ask you for the dx and dy, the amount that the canvas needs to be extended, usually the thickness of the frame. Furthermore, you have the option of extending the canvas by mirroring or using content aware fill.

Canvas extended with Mirror Canvas extended with Content Aware Fill
(Note: white lines for illustrative purposes only.)

Mirroring simply creates a mirror image of the outermost (dx/dy mm) border. It is a fast method and is useful if the outer edges of the canvas have no interesting structure. Content aware fill extends the canvas and creates a selection. You would then have to press the Delete key and choose "Content aware" from the Photoshop menu. Content aware fill takes a bit longer but can create very good results. If you are not happy with the result, you can try pressing the Delete key again. With large values of dx/dy, it can sometimes be useful to extend the photo in smaller steps.

Regardless of which method you try, you may have to apply some manual retouching to the result. By no means do I claim to have a perfect solution for each and every case!


Canvas is ©Kjell Post. Use it or abuse it, but please don't pretend you wrote it. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of Photoshop scripting.