Strips is a Photoshop script for cutting up an image into strips. Typical uses for Strips is dividing a large image into strips of papers, large enough for the printer, or tiling an existing image into smaller tiles.

Strips costs 100 SEK ($15, €11), one license per user. Send an email to with your postal address and ask for an invoice or a paypal order and you will get a password to the zip file.

Note: During the months of November and December 2013, all proceeds will go directly to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to help typhoon victims in the Philippines. Alternatively, you can pay directly in to MSF and send me a photo of the receipt.

Download and installing

To download Strips, Right click on the download button and choose "Save as".

Important: unzip and make sure that the unpacked archive contains a file called "install-strips.jsx".

To install Strips, double-click on install-strips.jsx. This should launch Photoshop and ask if you want to install an action for Strips. This will install an action in your action panel called "Strips". (If you don't see the Action palette, you will find it under Window > Actions.)

If double-clicking doesn't work, you can also install Strips by doing File > Scripts > Browse... and choosing install-strips.jsx.

Using Strips

Open a document and run the "Strips" action. It will ask you for the width, height and overlap of your strips. The Youtube video shows some examples, but if you are, e.g., printing wallpaper, you should set width to be the width of the paper in your printer, height to 100% and let overlap be whatever you need, perhaps 10mm.

The resulting strips are saved in the specified folder, all prefixed by the name that you give.


Strips is ©Kjell Post. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of Photoshop scripting.