Tiler is a script for tiling small images into a larger array. By flipping the tiles vertically and horizontally, Tiler lets you create, e.g., a larger texture from a small patch, without seams.

Download and installing

To download Tiler, Right click on the download button and choose "Save as".

Important: make sure that the downloaded file is called "install-Tiler.jsx".
If your browser adds another extension, you must change it to ".jsx" again.

To install Tiler, double-click on install-Tiler.jsx. This should launch Photoshop and ask if you want to install an action for Tiler. This will install an action in your action panel called "Tiler". (If you don't see the Action palette, you will find it under Window > Actions.)

If double-clicking doesn't work, you can also install Tiler by doing File > Scripts > Browse... and choosing install-Tiler.jsx.

Using Tiler

Open a document and run the "Tiler" action. It will ask you for the number of tiles, horizontally and vertically. If the document has layers, Tiler may not operate correctly so please flatten all layers first. The finished result has one layer per tile. Use Layer > Flatten Image if you need to.


Tiler is ©Kjell Post. Use it or abuse it, but please don't pretend you wrote it. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of Photoshop scripting.