ProAlbum-Designer FAQ

Q: Help, I don't understand!
A: If reading the manual doesn't help, please send me an email at You can also contact me on Skype, see here for instructions.

Believe me, I have fixed problems over Skype that would have taken days of emailing back and forth!

Q: How do I pay?
A: See instructions here.

Q: Will ProAlbum-Designer work in Photoshop Elements?
A: No, there is no scripting support in Photoshop Elements. ProAlbum-Designer only works with Photoshop CS4 and later versions.

Q: Will ProAlbum-Designer work in Photoshop CS, CS2 or CS3?
A: No, we have discontinued support for CS2 and CS3. (And there was never any support for the original Photoshop CS).

Q: Will ProAlbum-Designer work with Lightroom?
A: No, while Lightroom offers scripting capabilities, it would be major undertaking for me to implement this.

Q: Will ProAlbum-Designer work with Windows?
A: Absolutely! As of March 2013, you don't even have to install as administrator or worry about 32- and 64-bit Photoshop.

Q: When I right-click on an image in Bridge and choose Make album spread, nothing happens.
A: First check in Bridge's Preferences under Startup scripts that PAD-Add is listed and checked. If not, then you may be running an older/newer Bridge than the Photoshop from which you installed ProAlbum-Designer. If that doesn't help, please contact me.

Q: I get an error message when I try Make album spread from Bridge.
A: First make sure you are using the right menu at the top, ProAlbum-Designer > Make album spread. If that doesn't help, please contact me.

Q: I can't see the ProAlbum-Designer menu in Bridge.
A: Make sure you right-click (ctrl-click on a Mac). If the menu is not there, please go into Bridge's Preferences, choose Startup scripts and make sure PAD-Add is there and that it is checked. If you still have problems, contact me.

Q: Why do I have to activate ProAlbum-Designer on different machines, or

Q: Why doesn't my action file work on my other machine?
A: An action file is what defines the buttons in your action palette. Some ProAlbum-designer actions call javascript files and these reside somewhere in your home folder. For reasons unknown to me, Adobe software installs itself in different folders depending on your operating system. Therefore, the action file for ProAlbum-Designer is built and customized for your particular Photoshop during installation.

Q: Can I use my activation code to install ProAlbum-Designer on another machine?
A: You can use ProAlbum-Designer on another machine, but you need to request a new activation code - just send me an email!

Q: When I run the installation script, I get an error message.
A: If the error message happens during installation, please contact me and I will assist you. A log file is created in the ProAlbum-Designer folder, please attach it.

Q: What is the Universal book?
A: This is for users of Spreadbook Online Albumproofing, the idea being that you design a square book at a large size so that you can downsize the spreads for different smaller (square) sizes. A great tool for resizing is the Downrez tool which was introduced in ProAlbum-Designer v1.5.

Q: My images are rotated when placed on a spread.
A: You are probably trying to build a spread with RAW images. Some camera manufacturers do not rotate images taken in portrait mode, instead they set the EXIF information so that the RAW converter rotates it. ProAlbum-Designer can not do this, so I recommend converting your RAW files to a JPEG first. (You can use the Image Processor in Photoshop/Bridge to do this on many files at the same time.)

Q: The menu "Simple spreads" does not appear?
A: This is probably because there is an old installation still blocking the new one. The installation program for version 5 tries to delete the old version, but if the deletion requires administrator's privileges it can not remove them. The easiest solution is to manually remove the file PAD-Add from the following locations:

/c/Program/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS6(64 bit)/Presets/Scripts/
/c/Program/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Presets/Scripts/
/c/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Adobe/Startup Scripts CS6/Adobe Bridge/
/c/Program Files/Common Files/Adobe/Startup Scripts CS6/Adobe Bridge/
If the problem persists, contact me.