Touch templates for ProAlbum-Designer

This is a template package add-on for ProAlbum-Designer and is useful for the photographer who is selling Lundeby's Touch modules.

It serves three purposes:

  1. Given a set of images, you can see which Touch modules match.
  2. It automatically assembles a preview of what the chosen Touch module will look like.
  3. You can export the individual images with just a few clicks, using the new Multisave button in ProAlbum-Designer.

The Touch template package is 399 SEK (ca 45 euros).

Send an email to with your postal address and ask for an invoice or a paypal order and you will get a password and a link to the zip file.

Note: Touch templates requires ProAlbum-Designer version 8 or later.

Download and installing

When you have obtained the zipfile, unpack it and (optionally) move the folder to where you keep your other templates, for instance in the ProAlbum-Designer folder.

Studio cheat sheet

Feel free to download and print the following cheat sheet for the Touch modules.

Touchmoduler (PDF).

The labels, e.g. A2, correspond to the icons shown in the template dialog, making it easy for you to discuss with your client what the best Touch module is for them.

Using the Touch templates

Choose one or several JPEG images in Bridge, right-click and choose ProAlbum-Designer > Select template. In the template dialog, click on Choose and select the folder with the Touch templates. You should then see a list of icons as above (maybe under OK matches). Each icon has a label underneath denoting which Touch module is shown, and the bounding box for the module in centimeters.

Simply click on the one you like and ProAlbum-Designer will assemble the Touch module for you. You can move, swap and enlarge the photos as usual with ProAlbum-Designer's buttons. Once you are happy with the result, click on Multisave and specify a filename prefix and destination for the images. Once saved, they are ready to be uploaded to Lundeby. It is that easy!

Note: Lundeby requires an extra 5mm around the edges of the photos for trimming. This is shown as a semi-transparent border in the templates. The photos you save will therefore be 1 cm wider/taller than the corresponding Touch board.

The Youtube video below shows installation and usage of the Touch templates. Please look at it carefully before you ask me any questions! Having said that, I will of course be happy to answer questions - send them to me at


Touch modules are ©Lundeby & Co AS,

Touch templates are ©Kjell Post,

Feel free to contact me if you are in need of Photoshop scripting.